Stereo Microscope complete package.

Your choice of 5x, 10x, 15x or 20x.

Meiji MT9520 binocular Gout Testing microscopes include Meiji Techno's Infinity Corrected Optical System. This microscope is used for identification of crystals present in body fluids.

  • Objective Lenses: Smooth-operating, ball bearing mounted quintuple nosepiece holds strain free plan 4x, 10x, 40xs objectives. Strain Free Plan 20x, 60x and 100x objectives are optional (see below).
  • Viewing Head: Siedentopf binocular head with eyetubes included 30 degrees. Interpupillary distance is adjustable from 53mm - 75mm. The left eyetube has graduated diopter settings.
  • Eyepieces: SWH 10x Widefield, High Eyepoint eyepieces, FN = 22. Eyepieces accept a 25mm diameter reticle.
  • Total Magnification: 40x, 100x, 400x.
  • Specimen Stage: Ceramic coated flat-top stage, 190mm x 140mm with 80mm x 52mm X-Y movement with right-hand drop down coaxial controls.
  • Illumination: Transmitted light Koehler 6v, 30w halogen with auto voltage sensing transformer.
  • Condenser: Strain free Abbe condenser, NA 1.25 with iris diaphragm and dove tail mount.
  • Polarization: Sliding analyzer and built-in rotatable full wave plate polarizer are included.
  • Size and Weight: 212mm W x 297mm D x 504mm H, 11.4Kg (25 lbs)
  • Warranty: Meiji Techno warrants this product against defects in material and/or workmanship for the life of the instrument from the date of original purchase to the original purchaser. Electrical warranty is 90 days.


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The FP168Lb stereo zoom binocular microscope has been created for oil filter patch inspection. The stand has a built-in top and bottom illumination, which can both be helpful in examining particles. The higher magnification package has been created with working distance in mind - so that you can still fit filter patches under the microscope with out losing much working distance and without losing quality magnification.

  • Stereo Microscope Body : Zoom ratio of 1:6.7. Greenough system designed for harsh environments of production and testing.
  • Eyepieces: Includes Binocular head, eyetubes are inclined 35° and head rotates 360°. Depending which magnification package is selected below, widefield 10x or 15x eyepieces are included.
  • Total Magnification Range package options: 
Package Magnification Particle Size Included Working Distance
 A  7.5x - 50x
 3 mil + or
75um +
10x Eyepieces
 B  16.9x - 112.5x
 1-3 mil or
1.5x Aux Lens
15x Eyepieces

  • Stand: Post stand has built in top and bottom halogen illuminators (12v/10w). Each illuminator has its own intensity control and each operates independently of the other. Includes two stage clips. Vertical post is 300mm (11.8") tall. Maximum specimen height with no auxiliary lens is 203mm (8").
  • Focusing: Rack and pinion focusing controls.
  • Illumination: Built in top and bottom halogen lights (12v/10w). Each has its own intensity control and on/off switch.
  • Warranty: Five year warranty excluding electrical parts.

Price: $1,119.00 

Meiji EMZ-5 stereo microscope system MWT-EMZ5 includes the following:

  • Microscope Body: Stereo zoom binocular body, rotatable 360°, eyetube inclination 45°. Interpupillary distance adjustable from 54mm - 75mm. Dioptric adjustment on the left eyetube. Trinocular version is available here.
    • Objectives: Zoom range of 0.7x - 4.5x
    • Zoom Ratio: 6.5:1
    • Zoom Control: Dual, graduated, bilateral mount
    • Working Distance: 93mm
    • Magnification: varies based on eyepieces selected, please see the magnification chart below.
    • Eyepiece Options: 5x, 10x, 12.5x, 15x, 20x, 30x. (All accept 25mm reticle except for 5x & 30x eyepieces).
    • Supplemental objectives and eyepieces can provide:
      • Extended Magnification Range: 2.1x - 270x
      • Extended Working Distances: 34mm - 251mm
  • Microscope Stand: Post stand with travel distance of 250mm (9.8"). Vertical post is 325mm (12.8") high. Includes 95x5mm black and white stage plate.
    • Size of the base is 12.6"W x 12.01"H x 0.63 "D (320x305x16mm)
  • Focusing Holder: Rack and pinion mount allows for smooth, precise coarse focusing.
  • Illumination Options: Your choice of LED ring light with rheostat control for light intensity, 150w halogen fiber optic dual pipe illuminator, or 150w halogen fiber optic ring illuminator.
    • Included: Microscope includes eyeshields, owner's manual and dust cover.
    • Warranty: Meiji Techno warrants the microscope body against defects in material and/or workmanship for the life of the instrument from the date of original purchase to the original purchaser. Illuminator warranty is 1 year.

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